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Join us in helping preserve the integrity and restore the reputation of one of the most iconic historical buildings in the paranormal world. 

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To Save Waverly Hills

Tina and Charlie Mattingly have worked tirelessly, day and night, for 20 years to clean up and restore the building with funds they raised by hosting tours, investigations, events, and an annual haunted house there.

Now, the non-profit historical society, created by Charlie Mattingly, is seeking to take the building from him. How could this happen you ask? It's very complicated and unbelievable, but without your help it COULD happen. The "historical society" is seeking tax payer dollars amounting to approximately $20 million to help pad their own pockets. These people are making ungodly salaries from a NON-PROFIT, and a portion of this historic and iconic location has been turned into an office suite for these people, taking more of the building from the public. Charlie has never sought tax payer dollars. He never took payment for any of his work on the building. The restorations he had done were done as economically and efficiently as possible given the money raised through public events. Now the "historical society" board is trying to sue Charlie for the work that he has done on HIS building. His work kept the building standing for the public to enjoy over the past 20 years. 

Charlie is the rightful owner of the building. Tina and Charlie lived on the property in an apartment he had built. They lived on the property as a means of protecting the building, hence working around the clock. Tina was the executive director of the "historical society". Over time, a core clique of devious individuals gained a majority on the board. In 2020, with Tina and Charlie both facing severe medical issues, the board made their move... They voted to fire Tina as Executive Director and ordered them to pack their things and leave their home on the hill. The "historical society" leases the building from CEM Properties (Charlie's company) for the purpose of doing business as 501c3. All funds raised by public events go directly to the "historical society". Charlie and Tina profit nothing from business conducted at WHS. The board has filed liens against everything Charlie owns so that he cannot sell anything in order to raise funds for an attorney of his own. The plan seems to have been in motion for years. They have offered to drop all claims against Charlie and release the liens if Charlie would sign the building over to them, which to most sounds like extortion or blackmail.   

This is why we need your help. Scroll down to see more. Please follow our social media accounts, sign our petition, visit our online Save Waverly Hills merch shop. There is also a link to a gofundme created by Charlie's daughter where you can read more about the situation. 

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Please sign the petition, share our cause, our page, our social media. **Please do not make your donations thru change.org.** That money goes to change.org, NOT to Save Waverly Hills. Please use the donation link here for the gofundme which was started by Charlie's daughter solely for his legal fees. 

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